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When Zombies Invade, Who Will Survive?

May 31, 2011
Zombie Ball by Hindarium iconZombie Ball ($0.99) by Hindarium is an entertaining game where users tilt their iDevice to crush invading zombies with a huge ball. The idea is simple but genius. Honestly, after those infernal zombies from Plants vs. Zombies who doesn’t want to squash a zombie or two?
Zombie Ball by Hindarium screenshotThe game begins with a cartoon storyline explaining that zombies have appeared and a scientist has created a massive ball to destroy them. Then a map is displayed and you begin the first level. Each level represents a different section of the map. Your mission is to defend the house of each level from the invading zombies. Zombies come from all directions and your only defense is the ball. To kill a zombie, tilt your iDevice so that the ball runs them over. If zombies reach your house you begin to lose health points from the house’s health bar, which is displayed above the house. If the health points reach zero, you lose. Points are awarded for every zombie killed. At the end of each level, points earned are added to the running total, and the next level (or area) is unlocked. You can earn bonus points by killing two or more zombies in a row. The game supports OpenFeint for score sharing. Zombie Ball is very simple yet addicting. Even with such easy controls, it still takes a while to get the hang of moving the ball well enough to kill the desired zombies. In later levels, more zombies appear as well as larger ones so the game remains challenging. If you're looking for a little zombie revenge, check out this game.

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