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Diversion And Diversion HD Now Available

Diversion And Diversion HD Now Available

May 26, 2011
Do you enjoy endless running games or platformers, but want a different take on the genre? Are you sick of many endless runners based on repetitive gameplay, uninspiring level design and 2D graphics? For a change of pace, check out Diversion and Diversion HD. The games just hit the App Store and are on sale for a limited time. What separates Diversion from most other iDevice endless runners, platformers and on-rails side scrollers is the gorgeous over-the-shoulder perspective along with the game's 3D graphics. The graphics are really great and will make you feel part of the action. At first, Diversion may appear to be an on-railers side scroller/platformer, kind of like Pandemonium. However, the controls and action follow the standard endless-running style with brilliant level design. You have to tap on the screen to jump and must time your moves perfectly to reach the end of the 100 different stages. As you do this, you will also be collecting gems and unlocking avatars. The game has a very futuristic, sci-fi visual theme, and the music is upbeat and techno-oriented. A lot of bright colors are used for the backgrounds. There are various obstacles that will get in your avatar's path in the many levels you will have to overcome, and you have to find ways to maneuver around or jump over them. There are three worlds with their own unique theme to play through that makes the visual style and level design quite varied. The game's physics are running on the PhysX engine, notable for PC hits like Mirror's Edge. Here is a list of features to expect (from app description):
  • "One touch" controls
  • 100 Levels
  • 3 Unique 3D Worlds
  • 150+ fully-animated playable characters to unlock and collect
  • Lush 3D environments
  • Physics powered by PhysX
  • 3rd person camera: see all the action
  • Different every time you play!
  • Retina display graphics
Diversion is worth checking out if you're looking for a new platformer or an endless-running game. The physics-based engine is also worth noting for puzzle fans. Diversion is currently available on the App Store at a discounted price of $.99. Diversion HD is also available for the iPad and costs $1.99.

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