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Donut Games Releases Mexiball As A Universal App

Donut Games Releases Mexiball As A Universal App

May 25, 2011
Donut Games has just unleashed a new universal puzzle game onto the App Store. The game is called Mexiball and it is based on interaction with colored balls. The object of the game is to sort out, roll, and connect these balls based on color. The game is also quite lengthy with tons of levels to pick from. Here are some additional features (via app description):
  • 80 crazy puzzles to beat
  • Multiple solutions to figure out
  • Replay: Go back and see your best solution
  • Hot & spicy mexican-themed visuals and music
  • Lots of rewarding Achievements to unlock
  • Donut Games' famous 3-star ranking system: Increased replay value!
  • Global High Scores: Submit your scores online
  • Collectors Icon #27
  • And so much more
Mexiball has a Mexican theme with the appropriate style of art and colors. The game even includes an icon that shows a vaquero dressed in traditional clothing. Donut Games is known for developing innovative and addictive games that work great for short bursts of playing time and feature many levels to complete. Mexiball is currently available on the App Store for $.99.

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