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Dumbed-Down Monster Hunter Coming To iOS

Dumbed-Down Monster Hunter Coming To iOS

May 18, 2011
It has been recently revealed, throughout the gaming press, that a Monster Hunter game is coming to iOS from Capcom. However, my excitement quickly waned when I realized how disappointing many of Capcom's recent iOS games have been. My skepticism about such an ambitious iOS effort by Capcom may in the end not be unfounded. This is because according to Gamepro, the game will be simplified and essentially dumbed down:
Although Monster Hunter made its biggest splash as a PSP game in Japan, Dynamic Hunting is most certainly not like "regular" Monster Hunter. It's a more novel one-on-one game between your hunter character and a monster -- think Infinity Blade, but not quite as pretty-looking or smooth-moving. Tapping and swiping perform attacks and other moves...
The game will be called Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting and is coming to the Japanese App Store in June. It is quite disappointing that Capcom didn't just port one of the PSP versions to the iDevices, and add touch controls to the title. Who knows how it may turn out? But, judging by the last Capcom Resident Evil game on iOS, don't hold your breath that it will be a spectacular entry in the series.

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