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Food Allergy Detective Can Help You Discover Your Food Sensitivities

Food Allergy Detective Can Help You Discover Your Food Sensitivities

May 8, 2011
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Food Allergy Detective ($2.99) by Evil Timmy is on sale for Food Allergy Awareness Week (May 8-14). Get this great app for just .99 starting on Mother's Day! Figure out those food sensitivities that have bothered you for months or years.

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Is it just me, or does it seem like food allergies are becoming more and more common? I know my family is plagued with them. Sometimes it's quite the chore figuring which food is the culprit. Lugging around a pen and paper to take note of every food you eat to try to figure it out the old fashioned way can be a chore.

The creator of Food Allergy Detective has done his homework and been continually working to make this a great little tool. Journal your food choices quickly and keep track of how you feel afterwards. Soon, you'll have enough data entered and the app will start spitting out calculated graph results of which foods you are most likely sensitive to.

The interface is ucluttered and there are already categories in place (foods and common allergic reactions) and you can add your own food and reactions to the lists. This app does the data calculations for you so you don't have to worry about it.

I like how easy it is to enter foods consumed. Simply scroll through the list and tick the one or more foods you have consumed. If you are looking to enter foods like, "Whopper Jr" or "Taco Salad" that's not the way this app works. Instead, you enter specific ingredients you have consumed within foods such as eggs, cheese, fish, etc. Add more foods you suspect may be giving you trouble, but the app already includes the major allergen list.

After eating meals, check into the app as soon as you notice an unpleasant symptom. Check which symptom(s) you are experiencing and how long after eating you are experiencing them. This will pair up with the data you entered earlier regarding which foods you ate and will be able to calculate results.

Don't be under the guise that you will instantly know your food sensitivities on the first day you use it. The more data you have put in, the more accurate the results. So, start checking the graphs after several days of consistent use to see trends.

While this app can't take the place of a doctor, it sure can save you a lot of money by assisting you in tracking down troublesome foods. Get your diet back on track and start to feel better. It's simple interface is clean and uncluttered and it gets the job done. Customize it to meet your needs.

We have teamed up with the developer of Food Allergy Detective to offer some promo codes to our readers. To win one, simply comment below why you could really use a copy of Food Allergy Detective. Contest ends May 11 at 12 PM EST.

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