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File Sharing Made Easy With btShare

File Sharing Made Easy With btShare

May 16, 2011
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btShare ($0.99) by Oliver Letterer is a file transfer tool for users who have multiple iDevices. With btShare you no longer have to upload and download files, instead just drag items across iDevices. All you need is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection and the app on both iDevices.

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Transferring files is incredibly easy to do. Simply open the app in both iDevices, select a file through the plus bar menu, and drag it to the side of the screen. If done correctly, a blue circle will appear around the file being transferred. The file will appear on the second iDevice, and by dragging the item into the middle of the screen; it will save. With this app, file transfers are no longer a hassle and they take only seconds to complete.

Aside from transferring files between iDevices, btShare also allows users to download files on an iDevice to a computer. At the bottom of the screen an URL is displayed, visiting that site allows users to view and download all the photos in albums on the iDevice.

Although btShare does offer many neat features, it could use a help or instructions feature in the app. There are a couple of flaws in the app. First, documents can only be transferred one way based on which app was opened first. So you cannot transfer a document from your iPad to your iPhone and then transfer a picture from your iPhone to your iPad. To do this, the app would have to be closed and re-opened, which is both annoying and time consuming. Also, the URL for iDevices changes every time the app is opened (regardless of if it is left running through multitasking) so you have to type in a new URL every time you need to use it with a computer. It would be much more convenient if there was a way to keep the same URL so it could be bookmarked on a computer.

Overall, btShare is an easy way to send files between your iDevices. It is much faster than the traditional uploading and downloading. Although there are a couple of kinks in the app, it is still worth the download.

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