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Fourteen-Year-Old Game Developer Creates Side-Scrolling Fun

Fourteen-Year-Old Game Developer Creates Side-Scrolling Fun

May 3, 2011
Adventures of Kaveman Karl HD by Binary Biscuits icon

Adventures of Kaveman Karl HD ($1.99) by Binary Biscuits is an adorable side-scrolling game that will charm the pants off of anyone who dares to take it for a spin. Fashioned after the Mario Brothers style of gameplay and inspired by the round-headed butt of Ricky Gervais’ jokes, Karl Pilkington, this game is an absolute gem.

Adventures of Kaveman Karl HD by Binary Biscuits screenshot

The developer of this game is a 14-year-old girl and the daughter of a game developer. Last year, Bethany and her father started Binary Biscuits and have made a total of nine games so far. This could be a lucrative endeavor if this creative duo continues to churn out clever and adorable games like Kaveman Karl.

When you first open the game, you get the first glimpse of the cuteness. The background image represents the art of the game and little creatures hop around on the screen, enticing you to enter. When you hit the start button, you are directed to the levels, nine of them, all needing to be unlocked. The soundtrack for this page is so cute it hurts. Little creatures hum a song for you, “deet de da deet de deet de deee… “

The gameplay itself is very similar to Mario Brothers, but is far from being a rip off. Kaveman Karl rolls along the screen, jumping up to hit blocks above him. Each block must be hit twice in a row. Treasures like grapes, bananas and strawberries appear. The point of the game is to find all of the hidden golden bones. You can’t complete a level until you find them. Each level increases in difficulty as the obstacles become more prevalent and new enemies approach.

Karl Pilkington is a real life individual that comedian Ricky Gervais would often have on his podcast show because of his persona of being a bit of a simpleton. Gervais refers to Karl as having a large, round head not un-similar to that of an orange. It’s pretty hilarious.

Adventures of Kaveman Karl is also available as a Mac Store game for $1.99.

The game may be too simple to replay over and over again, but it sure is fun and at only $1.99, you will get your money’s worth and then some. Fans of The Ricky Gervais show, Karl Pilkington or Mario Brothers should not pass this one up.

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