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Frisbee® Forever Hits The App Store

Frisbee® Forever Hits The App Store

May 5, 2011
Have you ever wanted to control a Frisbee remotely, and be able to twist and turn it in midair? In Kiloo's latest game you can. Frisbee® Forever offers you a behind-the-shoulder perspective of a Frisbee flight as you guide it around various obstacles. You must guide the Frisbee through various scenarios, such as: wild west deserts, tropical islands, and parks. The environments are varied and full of detail. There are also 100 different levels to complete and 100 Frisbees to collect. Each Frisbee you collect comes with its own design and color. The gameplay consists of flying through control points indicated by geometrical shapes of different colors. As you fly through these brightly-colored shapes you will also be collecting stars. The gameplay is varied and the level design is intriguing with lots of challenges. Judging by the gameplay video, it appears you may be able to slow down and speed up your Frisbee in addition to steering it. The camera zooms in and out bringing you right into the action, as seen in this video: Frisbee® Forever is a universal app and is available on the App Store for free.

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