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Use Giant Globs To Open Doors And Rescue Friends With Seekee

Use Giant Globs To Open Doors And Rescue Friends With Seekee

May 25, 2011
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Seekee ($2.99) by Bossmonster is a puzzle game with a whole lot of blobs and globs. Defeat the Primordial Ooze Spirit by rescuing all five elemental spirits from Seekee to stop him from creating his own world. Solve through all five elements by unlocking doors and discovering the secrets within. Open enough doors and you'll rescue friends and tools to help you along the way.

Seekee by Bossmonster screenshot

There are not many controls to remember while solving these puzzles. Players simply touch and drag globs into the appropriate slots to complete levels. Occasionally players will also have to rotate globs to make them fit into the slots. Some of the globs have eye balls; within the slots you’ll notice special additional slots to match with the eyeballs. Once you begin to progress through the game you’ll encounter other factors, such as evil red eyeballs. These particular globs won’t sit still and will move out of place if you’re not careful. Although, later in the game players receive a small tree like tool that will hold them down for you. With the completion of every world you’re sure to pick up at least one tool.

Each of the five elemental spirits is equivalent to an entire world. They each offer twenty unique levels, all with different puzzles. In addition to puzzles the completion of ten levels or sometimes twenty will unlock useful tools to help you solve puzzles. The graphics aren’t anything to brag about, yet they aren’t as blotchy or rough as other games. The game also features two different game modes, a classic story mode and a more specific challenge mode.

All together Seekee offers a hundred different levels and multiple game modes. This is plenty to keep any puzzle solver busy for hours. Although the game is priced rather high, for $2.99 we should see some good updates and additions to the game. Be sure to look for this one in the app store.

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