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HyperShield: The iPad 2 Back Cover Apple Forgot

HyperShield: The iPad 2 Back Cover Apple Forgot

May 6, 2011
Apple’s Smart Covers are the perfect fit for the iPad 2. Unfortunately, they don't protect the backside of the iDevice. Now the folks at HyperShield have released their line of Back Covers for the iPad 2. Available in ten colors to match the Apple Smart Cover, HyperShield protects the iPad 2’s aluminum back.  In addition, a Clear cover is also available. Made of the same Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) as the Smart Covers, each HyperShield provides “gel-like shock absorbing properties” to protect the iPad’s back from bumps and scratches. Features include:
  • Only 1.4mm thin. You will hardly notice it.
  • Unlike silicon, TPU retains shape, form and color even after repeated use
  • Dirt-proof, washable and 100% recycleable
  Note: The Black, Tan, Navy, Cream and Red HyperShields are made of the same TPU material as the others available, and not of leather like the equivalent Smart Covers. Priced at just $19.95, the HyperShield looks extremely durable and is a great solution for those Smart Cover owners worried about protecting the back of their iPad 2. For more information, visit What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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