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"iA Writer" Updated With Bug Fixes, New App Icon

"iA Writer" Updated With Bug Fixes, New App Icon

May 30, 2011
iA Writer, the popular and highly acclaimed writing app from Information Architects, has just been updated to version 1.3. The utility's App Store landing page lists the following changes:
  • New accessory input keyboard for German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English
  • UI fixes and new icons
  • Dropbox sync repairs
  • Various bug fixes
Most of the tweaks are under the hood (and should go without much notice), but the app's new icon is shockingly bad. I much prefer the original artwork, and this obelisk-like alteration seems wholly unnecessary. Aesthetically, it's just too bright and gaudy compared to the first iteration, and, though simpler, it's far more bold. I use iA Writer every day, but staring down at that plain, blue logo is giving me the blues. I've also noticed some peculiar behavior with the app's sounds, and -- while I'm not sure things haven't always been this way -- it seems that, regardless of my iPad's volume settings or mute status, the clickety-clack of my typing is totally and uniformly audible. Additionally, you can't silence the mechanical swish of the word advancement keys or the robotic shutter of the FocusMode toggle. Other than that, iA Writer's as useful as ever and costs five bucks on iTunes. You can read our original iA Writer review here.

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