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IntelliShop Makes Shopping Lists A Breeze

IntelliShop Makes Shopping Lists A Breeze

May 27, 2011
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IntelliShop - Shopping List ($3.99) by Mario Zullo is an uncluttered, well-organized shopping list that is surprisingly easy to navigate and use. I am one of those terrible people who usually doesn't take time to sit down and write out a list. I normally wing it and try to make use of my memory at the grocery store. I don't recommend this method - more times than I can count I've ended up back home without a key item I needed to pick up.

I love apps I can zip in and out of to make lists. With three kids three and under I just don't have time to sit down for long periods of time without being interrupted to hand-write detailed lists. I can use all the help I can get.

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When it comes to shopping list apps there is no lack of competition. Each one claims to be the best. So, what does IntelliShop have to offer? I will list out a few things: 3,200 preloaded items, the ability to change the order in which items are displayed (by aisle, category or order entered), color themes, uncluttered interface, easy management of favorite items, price entries, import/export backup lists among other things.

I found the app easy to navigate, but there is a help section if you need it. My three favorite features while exploring the app were: the clean interface, custom price entries and a running tally of what you are spending and the ability to export my lists if neccessary. Honestly there's nothing too revolutionary about IntelliShop, but it does the job well. I would love to see a scanning option in future (scanning UPC codes to have the item imported into the list quickly and easily if you decide to add items to your list while you are shopping).

I also do like the feature to re-arrange the list order. So often grocery stores have random items where they seem not to belong. Easily mark the items you have gotten and see only what is left to buy if you wish. Both nice features.

My final rating of IntelliShop is 3.5 out of 5 stars. I will give it more stars when the price comes down a bit - it's just not revolutionary enough and there is simply too much competition for it to be $3.99 at this point.

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