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Island Tribe HD Gets Released For iPad

Island Tribe HD Gets Released For iPad

May 18, 2011
Island Tribe has been ported to the iPad and offers the same type of addictive gameplay found in the PC original. The game aims to combine time management, strategy, and adventure in terms of gameplay. It also offers a tropical island setting with many levels to play through. The game's story revolves around you, an unknown traveler, who has mysteriously landed on an island that is inhabited by a forgotten tribe. The tribe is composed of a carefree group of people that live peacefully. However, the tribe also happens to be in a crisis because a volcano has erupted. Your goal is to help these villagers reach the ocean and escape the volcano's wrath. The game is composed of 30 levels and offers a variety of island terrains to play through as you progress. You will be playing levels that have deep swamps, wild jungles, and treacherous mountains, as you help the villagers reach the ocean. You will also be constructing buildings and collecting the needed resources to make your tribe stronger. Fires and other natural disasters may also get in your way, and must be overcome. Here is a list of additional features (from the app description):
Pick-up-and -play type of game Incredible action and fast-paced gameplay 30 challenging levels in 3 colorful episodes Beautiful HD graphics and animations Strategy and time management gameplay
Island Tribe HD is currently available on the App Store for $2.99.

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