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Jigsaw Box Is Perfect For The Puzzle Fan! Win A Free Code!

Jigsaw Box Is Perfect For The Puzzle Fan! Win A Free Code!

May 3, 2011
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Jigsaw Box ($2.99) by Sparkle Apps is a great app for any jigsaw puzzle lover! Regardless of your ability, Jigsaw Box has a puzzle that is perfect for you! Your entire family will love this app!

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The selection of puzzles is endless. You will find over 100 different puzzle pictures ranging from national monuments to kids jigsaws. The replay factor is high because you can choose the size of your puzzle from 36 to 208 pieces. If you ever become tired of the current jigsaw puzzle, you can put it away and try a new one. If you want to go back, just select your “Play Room” and you can open any of your previous unsolved puzzles.

Jigsaw Box by Sparkle Apps screenshot

Jigsaw Box is packed with some great features and I really like the different sorting options. You can have the edge pieces separated out, so you can begin working on those first. There is a tray on the bottom that holds your remaining pieces so you can scroll through to find the perfect match. When two pieces fit together, there is a nice “click” so you know for certain they match. A faded picture of the puzzle is always in the background, which makes it easier to follow along and see where specific pieces might go. There is an option for background music, but it shuts off after a while. I hope in a future update there will be a change to the music, or at least multitasking so you can listen to your own music. This was one of the only drawbacks to Jigsaw Box that I could find.

I enjoy jigsaw puzzles, but they are not my favorite puzzles of all-time. I find that they are so much work to take out, set up and then put together. This app takes away all that hassle! No mess, no hogging the dinner table, and no vacuuming up stray pieces!

Jigsaw Box is a winner and will definitely be an app that will go in my favorites folder. If you are fond of puzzles, this app will bring hours of enjoyment.

If you want a chance to win this app for free, leave a creative comment below, or retweet, and it could be yours!

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