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Juicy Bits' "Halftone" Awaiting Apple Approval For Version 1.5

Juicy Bits' "Halftone" Awaiting Apple Approval For Version 1.5

May 11, 2011
Juicy Bits, the developers behind 3D Camera (one of my favorite iOS apps), has submitted version 1.5 of their stellar Halftone to iTunes for approval. According to the team behind the comic-inspired photography app, the update was quite a bit larger than anticipated and promises to have lots of new features, including more fonts, Twitter upload options, "dot gain" and "dot size" settings, and a whole new, future-ready image rendering engine. However, Juicy Bits is especially pleased to announce that
[t]he biggest addition is the new stamp feature. Stamps make it easy to add styled, graphical elements to a halftone image. They can be rotated and resized, and some of them can also be recolored. Because we are committed to high output quality, we invented a way to bring vector-based illustrations into our rendering engine.
Vectors are totally awesome, and this promises to make the already-awesome Halftone way more awesome still. Awesome. Stay tuned for a review once the update gets pushed through. Grab Halftone now for $0.99 on iTunes, or wait until the new version hits. Who knows, maybe they'll have some kind of giveaway...

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