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A Match Three For Special Needs

A Match Three For Special Needs

May 1, 2011
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Cube Touch XXL (Free) by Lunagames is a match-three game that is the simplest of simple games that has the unintended ability to be a great game for special needs children because the blocks are large, colorful and easy to move around.

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Upon opening the game, you are asked if you would like the sound on or off and are then brought to the main menu where you are given the choice to either start the game, visit the developer’s website for additional games or read the instructions, which are not really necessary since the game is so simple.

Once you start the game, the goal is to match as many blocks as possible before time runs out. As you match, you gain points and additional time. There are ways to get extra points and time, like matching more than three at a time or matching a second set while the blocks are still moving. Once the time runs out, your game ends. You can post your in-game high score and start all over. The goal is to beat the clock, gain extra time and run up your high score.

The blocks are solid squares of primary colors and they are large enough on the iPad’s screen to be accessible to those lacking fine motor skills. There are no complicated controls. All you do is swipe up, down or sideways. Since the colors of the blocks are bright, they seem like they would hold the attention of some of the less attentive kids while offering them a bit of stimulation.

Keep in mind that this game is very simple with no bells and whistles, but it is free and surprisingly addictive for having nothing special to it. While the game offers little in the way of originality, it is still a tried-and-true match-three game that anyone can enjoy.

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