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MLB Live Streaming Now $49.99 On iPhones

MLB Live Streaming Now $49.99 On iPhones

May 3, 2011
Major League Baseball (MLB) is now offering a “smartphone-only” streaming service, which allows fans to watch live baseball on their iPhone/iPod touch. The service, which is $49.99 per year, is available now. In order to use the new 2011 MLB.TV on Your Mobile Phone Subscription, users must first purchase the $14.99 At Bat 11 app for iPhone, or own an Android smart phone. Unfortunately, the $49.99 deal is not for iPad owners. To stream live games on the tablet, you must purchase either the $89.99 MLB.TV or $109.99 MLB.TV Premium package, plus the $14.99 At Bat 11 for iPad app. Note that these streaming packages actually work across all iDevices, including the Apple TV. Fans who purchase the iPhone streaming service who wish to upgrade later may do so at anytime. Keep in mind, games are subject to blackouts restrictions. Nonetheless, the new iPhone service is a great deal for baseball fans, especially for those on the road a lot. For more information on the MLB.TV Mobile Phone Subscription, visit The At Bat 11 app for iPhone and At Bat 11 for iPad are available in the App Store. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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