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Nano Panda Is A Wacky Science-Themed Game That Packs A Lot Of Fun

Nano Panda Is A Wacky Science-Themed Game That Packs A Lot Of Fun

May 3, 2011
Nano Panda by Unit9 icon

Nano Panda ($0.99) by Unit9 may, at first glance, look like a Land-a Panda knock off. That's at least what I thought when I first noticed it in the app store. It does bare some similarities (such as the canon concept), but I am pleased to say it can stand on its own two feet and is easily just as fun. Actually, I think it is more fun.

Nano Panda by Unit9 screenshot

The story is unique. A panda is shrunk down to nano size in order to destroy evil atoms that have infiltrated a science lab. The gameplay is based on physics. Magnetism is the primary strategic concept and keeps the puzzles challenging and fun.

As every good app does, this one gives a helpful tutorial at the beginning and with each new element that is added. Nano Panda starts out in a tiny canon. Your goal is to shoot him toward the evil atom; once Nano Panda touches the evil atom, both vanish. Once the atoms are abolished, you win.

Some levels provide more than one Nano Panda to launch at evil atoms. If more than one is deployed at a time, they are attracted to each other by magnetism and a whole new dimension of movement changes the launch path of each panda. Collect as many stars as you can on your way to the atom to improve your score.

Nano Panda has charming graphics that have a bit of a Japanese anime feel. It looks great on both the iPhone and iPad.

I always look forward to trying new puzzle games but am often disappointed in their lack of creativity, poor graphics, or levels that are too easy to conquer. Some developers just do not put the time they should into creating unique puzzlers.

Nano Panda, however, does not disappoint. It looks good, is challenging, present plenty of levels and keeps things interesting by adding new elements to challenge players as they progress. This nano-sized hero is one you will be glad you met.

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