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"OmniOutliner For iPad" Is A Must-Have App For Productivity Freaks

"OmniOutliner For iPad" Is A Must-Have App For Productivity Freaks

May 12, 2011
The Omni Group, one of iTunes' preeminent productivity suite vendors, has just released their latest premium entry, OmniOutliner for iPad. As the mobile version of its OmniOutliner 3 software, the app lets you organize and edit project documents in a variety of ways, starting simply as you please and dynamically expanding options as you fill in the content. The inclusion of a custom edit bar atop the standard soft keyboard makes the app a breeze to use, while collapsible groups and "flyout Plus buttons" make it easy to limit your view and add data exactly where it's needed. You can even organize photos and assemble spreadsheets with this bad boy! An app this robust will take a bit of time to fully review, but rest assured that we'll get the breakdown to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, to view a complete list of what the $20 OmniOutliner offers, visit its landing page in the App Store.

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