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Become A Pool Of Red Pixels In Pixel City Skater

Become A Pool Of Red Pixels In Pixel City Skater

May 24, 2011
Pixel City Skater by A Small Game icon

Pixel City Skater ($0.99) by A Small Game is an endless game where you ride a skateboard over and under obstacles. It features both a level mode and an endless mode.

Pixel City Skater by A Small Game screenshot

One of the fastest growing sub-genres today is that of endless side-scrolling titles. Canabalt and Tiny Wings are just two of these games that have exploded into popularity due to simple controls and the allure of infinity.

Pixel City Skater takes the 8-bit styling cues and similar gameplay from Canabalt, but instead of running, you are riding a skateboard. The only control is a tap which makes your player jump. Timing is key and a missed jump will cause a burst of red pixels as you splat against an obstacle.

In the traditional mode, there are 59 levels to make your way through. The goal is to finish all of these levels with the fewest deaths. At the completion of this mode, the endless mode is unlocked.

Although the styling is fun and the music matches the graphics, there isn’t much to this game. Jump. Jump. Splat.

Still, if you are a sucker for endless runners, Pixel City Skater does exactly what it promises and is enjoyable doing it. PCS is worth considering, but probably only after trying some of the more popular endless titles.

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