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Preschoolers Will Love To Hop Aboard The Zoo Train

Preschoolers Will Love To Hop Aboard The Zoo Train

May 7, 2011
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Zoo Train ($1.99) by Busy Bee Studios is a well-crafted educational game for preschoolers that keeps learning fun. My kids love apps that have multiple facets of learning, and Zoo Train gets it right. If it is two things kids love, it's puzzles and music.

Zoo Train by Busy Bee Studios screenshot

This edu-app offers up several different learning modes: puzzle-solving, word composition and music. The main menu offers clear, uncluttered icons that will lead your child to the different games.

The puzzles range from matching train cars to their proper shadow, completing picture puzzles, putting train tracks in their place, and matching jumbled letters to their corresponding copy.

The musical section is charming and allows your child to play the train whistles or choose from a symbol below the whistles that represents a classic song. This is a fun little addition to the game.

Zoo train is well-made, entertaining, education, colorful and fun. My only critique is that I hope they get a little more creative in future updates. Rather than so many puzzles games, I would love to see other-types of preschooler-friendly learning games.

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