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QuickAdvice: Ball Towers HD

QuickAdvice: Ball Towers HD

May 31, 2011
Ball Towers HD by ASK Homework icon

Ball Towers HD ($0.99) by ASK Homework is a high-quality graphics, iPad-only game. The object of the game is to balance a ball on tracks. You use the iPad’s accelerometer to move the ball into the bucket at the end of the track within a specified amount of time. The faster you achieve your goal, the better your award is (gold, silver or bronze). While the game play might be frustratingly difficult, the look is beyond beautiful.

Ball Towers HD by ASK Homework screenshot

The first level is easy, but that is the only break you get. Although it is called the Beginner Pack, you have a lot of work ahead of you to get the Advanced Pack unlocked. If you have a lot of experience with games that utilize the iPad’s accelerometer you will thrive on the challenge. The developers of this app stated in an email that they want this game to be difficult for the serious game player; a real challenge. It is not meant to be an easy trip.

The game's graphics are spectacular; they are 3D and flow smoothly. The shadowing adds depth and even the stainless steel ball has reflective images that are very realistic. The camera pans in various directions, adding to the lifelike visualization.

Each level of the game gets increasingly harder, with obstacles added for extra challenges. There are 15 levels in the Beginner Pack and 15 in the Advanced Pack, which can only be unlocked when you have obtained 28 points, and there will be an Expert Pack, which has not yet been released.

Ball Towers HD by ASK Homework screenshot

Overall, the game is so realistic you won’t be able to stop playing, even though you may find it so difficult that you’ll want to throw your iPad across the room. At only $0.99, it is worth adding to your collection of games.

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