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Shine Delivers Beautiful Weather Reports On Your iPhone

Shine Delivers Beautiful Weather Reports On Your iPhone

May 16, 2011
Shine - Weather at a Glance by AppThat icon

Shine - Weather at a Glance ($0.99) by AppThat is a simple and elegant weather app for your iPhone.

There is surely not a deficit of weather apps in the App Store. But finding a good one is one daunting task for anyone that dares to take the challenge. However, there's a new one on the block that is simple, elegant, and beautiful. The best thing is that it provides you with the information that you want to know, all at one glance of your screen. It's Shine - Weather at a Glance.

Shine - Weather at a Glance by AppThat screenshot

Shine will first prompt you for Location Services. If you allow it, the app will take a few seconds to fetch your current location data. If you're paranoid about Location Services, you can add in locations manually. The app allows you to search for locations by City/State or Zip Code. For users that are in multiple cities often, don't worry, there's the ability to store multiple cities. Add to your heart's desire.

For those times when you are in a new city or town and want to check on the weather, just hit that crosshair icon at the top right - this will immediately refresh data with your current location.

When you finally get your cities settled, you'll see a large temperature reading with an icon for the weather next to it, and a wind speed underneath the icon. This is taking up most of the top half of the screen. The bottom shows the forecast for Today, Tonight, and "TOMORW." Don't worry about that misspelling of "tomorrow" - it may bug you, but it makes sense, since that long word had to be crammed into such a small space.

If you flick to the right of TOMORW, you'll get a five-day forecast, which is great to have. So I'm pleased that Shine makes it so easy to access this, and it's also aesthetically pleasing as well.

Flicking the screen upwards will pull up the forecast throughout the day for Today, Tomorrow, and the next two days. This gives you forecast readings at 2, 5, 8, and 11 a.m., then 2, 5, 8, and 11 p.m. These readings will show you temperature and wind speeds next to those pretty little icons representing weather conditions.

Shine - Weather at a Glance by AppThat screenshot

In Shine, all forecasts will also give a percentage for the probability of precipitation. With California's crazy weather lately, I'm pretty grateful to have this.

Remember how I said you can have multiple locations saved in Shine? These locations can be pulled up by swiping along the top bar that displays the location. Currently, tapping on the arrow bars does nothing, but the developers are already working on remedying this in the next update to 1.1, along with some other changes.

The star button in the top left corner brings up the app settings. Here, you'll find options for adding more locations and choosing which location is being displayed. Most importantly, you can find toggles for metric units and 24-hour format. The 'i' will bring up a brief little About section of the developers, along with a link to their website, Twitter, and the App Store to write a review.

The only thing that should be added could be some minimalistic radar maps, since I know a few people that rely on those radar maps. Including that would mean that this one app could replace all those folders of weather apps that one could have sitting on their device. An iPad version would also be welcome.

Either way, if you've been looking for a great weather app that delivers necessary information in an easy at-a-glance way, then this app is it. I bought this and couldn't be happier, quite frankly. It will be replacing the other weather apps I've had on my device for a while. I am in love with this simple and minimal, elegant interface.

The AppThat blog has more details about the imminent update, which can be viewed here.

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