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Quirky App Of The Day: Hanged Till Death

Quirky App Of The Day: Hanged Till Death

May 18, 2011
Any game that combines a bow and arrow with someone dangling from a rope spells out disaster for me. I think I've mentioned before, and I will continue to mention, that I am a poor shot. The first time I shot a rifle, it kicked up into the air, and on Halo, I'm easy fodder for everyone else's stats. I just happen to be morbid enough to wonder just what happens when a poor shot "accidentally" hits the hangman. Just like it sounds, Hanged Till Death is pretty simple. Your buddy, who somewhat resembles a pregnant John Stamos, is hanging from a gallows. Your character, who somewhat resembles the Guy Fox mask that V wears in V for Vendetta, sets up his bow and arrow, attempting to shoot down his friend. Moving your finger up and down the screen, you can see what angle the arrow is at. Along the bottom, there's a gauge that measures how hard the arrow is being pulled. Aim too high and with too much power, and the arrow sails over the gallows. Aim too low and with too little power, and the arrow dives to the ground. So, for those out there who also like a little gore in their games, what happens when you have a lot of power and aim too low? You shoot your friend. The techno/disco mix music in the background cuts out, and your friends wails in pain, grabs at the place where the arrow is embedded, and wriggles until he's dead. Then, you are promptly alerted to the fact that you lost. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't any blood associated with it, but after my recent review of Finger Slayer, it was probably a hint from the universe that I could use a break from blood. There are twenty-five levels, and there really isn't a score kept. It's just a matter of clearing the level. So, if you need to take your time, you aren't penalized for waiting for the power gauge to fill and empty several times before taking your shot. You also aren't penalized for missing or hitting the gallows. Unlike other games that involve aim and trajectory like Angry Birds, you don't have to wait to clear the level before moving on to the next one. I skipped levels four through nine and went straight to ten. By the end of the game, there's a second and third friend to save and obstacles to clear before striking the rope. To the end though, there are no time constraints, no penalties, and no score system. All in all, I'm only entertained by purposefully shooting my friend for kicks and giggles.   Hanged Till Death is available at the iTunes store for the awesome price of FREE!

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