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"RC vCar" Makes Your World A Remote Control Playground

"RC vCar" Makes Your World A Remote Control Playground

May 27, 2011
Pop Culture Software just unveiled a new augmented reality app that makes use of your iPhone camera to place a tiny remote-controlled car right in front of you, wherever you are. RC vCar -- which is more of a toy and tech demo than any sort of actual game -- is an excellently planned and executed piece of code. The perspective of the vehicles in play is natural and realistic, and the traditional controls are satisfyingly responsive. Engine sounds, horns, and functioning headlamps are all on order, and the electric R/C whirr adds even more depth to the presentation. The tracks and landscapes are, of course, infinitely variable based on your own environment, and five vehicles are included:
  • Soft-top coupe
  • Big-wheeled pickup truck
  • Pink convertible
  • Police car
  • School bus
RC vCar is the closest thing you'll get to the real deal, and it's a definite show-off app for your iPhone. At $0.99 with a promise of more cars in future updates, you just can't pass on this iTunes original.

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