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Safari Books Online Launches Redesigned, iPad-Only "Safari To Go"

Safari Books Online Launches Redesigned, iPad-Only "Safari To Go"

May 17, 2011
There's an updated, totally redesigned Safari app available now in iTunes, and it might cause some confusion for those not in the know. See, this isn't Apple's web browser, nor is it in violation of any Apple trademarks. The app in question, Safari To Go, is the iOS interface for the popular, long-running technical literature library, Safari Books Online. The service provides users access to over 13,000 books, guides, and videos from over 40 of the world's leading publishers, with downloadable content spanning the gamut of referential interest for creative development and IT professionals. While features in this iPad-only 2.0 release are numerous, the app is still a long way from complete. For current members of the web service, it is important to note that tags and notes are not yet supported, and no content can be accessed over 3G cellular connections for the time being. Additionally, members tied to institutional accounts cannot use this version of the app. Fortunately, the developers are very clear about the product's shortcomings and are working in earnest to add ever greater functionality to each future iteration. Safari To Go is free on the App Store, so try it out if you're already a member, or sign up for a free 10-day trial.

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