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Task Management On The iPad Just Got Easier With OmniFocus 1.3

Task Management On The iPad Just Got Easier With OmniFocus 1.3

May 23, 2011
OmniFocus for iPad is an extensive task management tool that combines some of the best features of the desktop version with the iPhone version, creating an intuitive and integrated iPad experience. The app works great on the iPad due to the user interface being so well suited for OmniFocus. Features such as location tracking (map integration), phone call-related to-dos, syncing with both the iPhone and desktop apps, voice notes, and image attachments all work really well on the iPad. OmniFocus for iPad has just been updated to version 1.3 and along with the update comes the "forecast mode." This mode adds calendar events integration with the other task management tools available. According to the app description: "Use the View options menu to show your items with a start date. Reschedule your projects and actions—with just a tap or two—to keep your days balanced." Here is more information on how to take advantage of this feature in the forecast mode:
  • Forecast mode now integrates calendar events into a convenient timeline. Use the View options menu to configure which calendars appear on the timeline, and the range of hours for which events are displayed. (This feature requires iOS 4.0 or later.)
  • Forecast mode now includes an additional section for viewing items starting on the days of the upcoming week. Use the View options menu to hide or show this section.
  • Tapping “View” on a Due Reminder alert now takes you to the Forecast screen, showing you all items which have become overdue at once.
There are other things to also look for in the new update. New features and additions include: expanded note-taking sections, workflow improvements, user interface additions, inbox changes, review additions, and stability improvements. The main new feature, however, is the calendar integration. Even if you are not big on to-do lists or task management utilities, check this app out because you may become one. You just may find your life getting easier when using this app and you might find yourself becoming a more organized person. There is a lot to like about OmniFocus as a supplemental tool for development, programming, or other forms of content creation. It allows you to stay focused on the task at hand, between workflow and assignments. Other features this app offers include (as listed in app description):
  • Quick Entry for fast, easy task capture
  • Task inbox where items can be stored for future processing
  • Detailed task options like start and due dates, repeating schedules, and audio note and photo attachments
  • Organize tasks into projects and folders, with as much hierarchy as is needed
  • Categorize and view tasks by contexts, or work modes (ie, "Phone" for all phone call-related to-dos)
  • Subtasks, for breaking large tasks into manageable steps
  • Built-in search for locating any task in your database
  • Cloud sync: Synchronize your tasks with other copies of OmniFocus using MobileMe or Omni's free
  • Location-based contexts: the Map makes it easy to generate and view tasks based on current or assigned locations
  • Forecasts: see a weekly or daily view of all due tasks
  • Built-in reviewing that helps you stay current on all your projects
  • Free customer support via email or phone
OmniFocus for iPad is available on the App Store for $39.99.

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