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Why Now Might Be The Best Time To Purchase An iPad 2

Why Now Might Be The Best Time To Purchase An iPad 2

May 12, 2011
Taiwan-based Foxconn Electronics is reportedly facing significant labor and material shortages at its plants in Chengdu, China. Therefore, Apple’s supply of the iPad 2 could be drastically affected, in news first reported by Digitimes. Originally scheduled to operate 52 lines for the iPad 2, Foxconn is having difficulties keeping up, mainly due to Japan’s earthquake earlier this year. The still-struggling nation supplies the iPad 2’s power amplifiers and memory. As a result, Foxconn might be unable to produce its promised 2.5-3 million units per month during the current second quarter. According to the report:
Commenting on the rumor, Foxconn only emphasized that the company's capacity is being arranged fully at the request of its clients and the company will do all it can to satisfy its clients' needs; however, the company declined to comment whether the labor shortages will cause delays in shipments. Foxconn emphasized that it has experience arranging manpower to assist its clients in reaching their goals.
The manufacturer was expected to produce 40 million iPad 2 units during 2011. For AppAdvice readers thinking about purchasing an iPad 2, perhaps now is the best time to do so until later in the year. Our advice is to buy your tablet now or plan on waiting a little bit longer. What do you think?

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