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Universal App Famebooth Allows You To Look Famous

Universal App Famebooth Allows You To Look Famous

May 3, 2011
If you've always dreamed of making it big in Hollywood, but don't feel like moving to California, Famebooth ($.99) by Helmes Innovations may be the next best thing. The app lets you upload a photo of yourself and then changes it to make it look like you were at a big celebrity event or even on the red carpet. This is a great way to show off that time you told your friends you met Steven Seagal. If you're creative with Art Studio or Photoshop you can upload a photo of the two of you together and let the app do the rest of the work. The red carpet isn't the only type of special event the app can put you into. According to the app description, you can select a wide variety of backdrops ranging from a movie premiere, a music award, to a sports conference. Famebooth lets you (from the developer's app description):
  • Easily take a photo or choose an existing photo and edit it so you look like you're in the spotlight on the red carpet at a glamorous event.
  • Choose from over 60 backdrop images that will make you look like you're somewhere glamorous.
  • Place yourself over one of many backdrop images so it looks like you were actually posing for the paparazzi on the red carpet.
  • Share your Famebooth photos by MMS (once saved to your library), E-Mail, Facebook or Twitter.
The next version promises even more features such as: more editing tools for image manipulation, and the ability to select a custom background for your photos. Famebooth is available on the App Store as a universal app for $.99.

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