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WWDC Party List App Updated To 1.1.0

WWDC Party List App Updated To 1.1.0

May 23, 2011
The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is just a few short weeks away and will be taking place right in the heart of San Francisco. There's a new app available that will show you a list of parties worth checking out during the WWDC and it has recently been updated to version 1.1.0. The app is Party List and it centers around WWDC 2011, although other events are promised to be included and updated. The WWDC will start June 6, 2011 and the conference's location will be same as the location of the last Macworld, the Moscone Center West. According to the event website, the conference is already sold out. However, the parties that will be happening in the vicinity are definitely worth checking out whether you have a ticket to the event or not. "Every time we add a new party or event, we'll send a push notification to your device, so you'll always be in the know," according to the app description. The app is called Party List, but its website lists it as WWDC Party List, this shows just how much it is based on the event so far. There is even a way to email the developers to have a party you are sponsoring included in the list. Here is a list of additional features (according to the site's description):
  • Auto Updated List of Events
  • Personalized Favorite List
  • Map and Directions
  • Personalized Reminders Alerts
  • Push Notifications when new events added/updated
Be sure to check the app out if you are at all interested in the June 6-10 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference and the parties that will be surrounding it. Even if you aren't going to the actual show, but want to have a chat with some developers afterwards at one of these parties, check out Party List. Party List is currently free for iPhone on the App Store.

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