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All Aboard With Chillingo’s Strategy Train Game, Incredible Express

All Aboard With Chillingo’s Strategy Train Game, Incredible Express

June 11, 2011
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Incredible Express HD ($2.99) by Chillingo Ltd is a strategy, puzzler, and time management game all in one. Incredible Express HD will charm train lovers, as you become the controller of a lucrative train and cargo company.

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You begin by reading a short story about the history of the steam train and the life of Maria. She owns the train, and wants to build a successful business. Help her succeed by following through with the delivery orders.

Game play consists of: building the track, guiding your train in the right direction and picking up goods such as corn, meat and tomatoes. The goal is to bring back to town the requested items from different vendors.

After the first couple of levels, the game requires strategy and quick thinking. Along with guiding the train to the cargo, you often need to construct the track and build bridges in order to reach your destination. Once you have everything ready for the level, you will operate railway points and lights, while safely steering your train on the track.

Incredible Express HD by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

The train only holds two cargo cars, so once you have the two loads you need, bring them back to town. The mission is over when you bring in all the loads required, or when time runs out. If you feel confident of your route, double tap your train and you will travel full speed ahead at a faster rate.

There are over 80 levels that gradually become more complex and difficult. The graphics are attractive and look like a painting instead of a cartoon. Incredible Express HD has fun elements for all ages, although younger kids may only enjoy the first few levels because of the increasing difficulty.

Incredible Express HD is an enjoyable game for a summer vacation, as it is more intricate than other popular games in the App Store. The brain exercises in this game are a plus for maintaining thinking and focus skills over the summer.

Incredible Express HD supports Game Center and is only available for the iPad. Once again, with Incredible Express HD, Chillingo releases a hit that will not disappoint.

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