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Assemblage 2 Wins Hearts By Giving Personalities To Shapes

Assemblage 2 Wins Hearts By Giving Personalities To Shapes

June 15, 2011
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Assemblage 2 ($0.99) by Ernesto Hernandez is a physics-based game of block stacking that adds an extra layer of cuteness by putting a face (and arms, and legs) on the shapes. Do not be misled by the fact that this is a physics-based game. It is unlike the others in that it's not about how many moves you can complete it in, or how you specifically stack the blocks. Assemblage 2 frees you of the constraints of preplanned fails and lets you drop your little blockheads in all manner of piles. You just have to keep them from tipping over.

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When you pick up a block, its little mouth moves and its little arms and legs dangle. It acts frightened when you are dragging it along, and relaxed once it is sitting safely on its friend. It is as if they feel very put out by your intrusive ways, but are willing to go along with the game if it means they can take a nap afterward.

The game starts you off with just a few blocks that you must line up with the suspended stars. Your job is to stack all of the blocks without letting them fall. Once you have placed them, you must let them sit for five seconds. If your block stays put, you receive one star for each that your block was touching. Each level gets progressively harder, but the blocks get progressively more adorable, so the payoff is worth it.

Overall, this is a fun and addictive game of physics-based block stacking. With 100 different levels and so many personality-filled shapes, this game is worth twice what it costs. You will spend hours and hours trying to build the perfect tower and getting to know Shape L and Shape Triangle. Tell them I said, “Hi.”

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