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Avadon Now Available On iPad

Avadon Now Available On iPad

June 20, 2011
You may recall, the preview announcement of Avadon: The Black Fortress coming to the iPad. It appears we were right, and the game is now available on not just the Mac, but on the iPad as well. This is a great buy for iPad RPG fans because the game is actually half the price of the Mac version. It is probably the only title available on the iPad that features such a full-fledged computer RPG experience with all the bells and whistles of deep micromanagement that these games usually have. There are many skills and upgrades to consider when building characters up. You will be undertaking a quest, as a servant of the black fortress, to combat a conspiracy to destroy your people. This is also the first game (and chapter) of a new RPG saga. Here is a list of the game's features (from the app description):
  • Epic fantasy role-playing adventure in an enormous and unique world.
  • Four different character classes, with dozens of unique spells and abilities.
  • Uncover the fascinating history of Avadon and the land of Lynaeus.
  • Many different endings. Your choices will change the world.
  • Dozens of side quests, hidden dungeons, and secrets to discover.
  • Hundreds of magical items to find. Use powerful crystals to make your artifacts even more powerful.
  • Huge adventure with lots of replay value.
The game comes from Spiderweb Software. These independent developers have created many great RPGs over the years, but this is the first time one of them has been ported to the iPad. Let’s hope more such games make an appearance on the iPad because, quite frankly, it is a great platform for them. Being able to play deep games on the go, that aren't just Korean iPhone ports, is a direction many gamers would love role-playing games on the iPad to go in. Avadon: The Black Fortress HD is currently available for the iPad on the App Store at a price of $9.99.

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