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Behold, "The Smartphone App-O-Graphic!"

Behold, "The Smartphone App-O-Graphic!"

June 23, 2011
Each smartphone OS provider has its own set of rules and procedures to follow. Now the folks at [x] cube labs have made it easy to compare those offerings by releasing an easy-to-read chart, which we’ve presented here. Called the “The Smartphone App-o-graphic,” the [x] cube labs tool looks at the current practices of six OS providers. These include: Apple, Google, Research In Motion (RIM), Nokia, Palm, and Microsoft. For each company, [x] cube labs provides information on:
  • When the OS was launched
  • Number of Apps (in the United States)
  • App Downloads Per Day
  • Platform Support
  • Developer Revenue Share
  • Billing Methods
  • Developer Submission Fee
The chart also has an informative “Do you know?” section. For example, did you know that 10.8 percent of all free iPhone apps in the US App Store have in-app purchases integrated in it? Or that it took Apple just 482 days to approve its 100,000th app? “The Smartphone App-o-graphic” is an interesting read, so take a look. Note: The graphic is easy to read simply by click on it (once or twice, depending on your browser). Thoughts?

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