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Bug Heroes Gets An Update

Bug Heroes Gets An Update

June 15, 2011
If you are a fan of the tower-defense and dual-stick shooting game Bug Heroes, but haven't played in a while, now is the perfect time to do so. The game has recently been updated to version 2.2 and with this update a new hero-bug has been added. The new bug is none other than a praying mantis. Praying mantises are very interesting critters because of the way they can stand upright and use their long limbs to interact with the environment. It is a great addition to this title as you will be controlling it along with a couple of other bugs simultaneously. The game mixes a few genres together, like the aforementioned dual-stick shooting and tower-defense, very nicely and is a perfect addition to any iOS gamer's library. Along with the addition of the praying mantis a few other changes have been made in the 2.2 update. Here is a list of these changes and additions (from the app description):
  • added FREE new Praying Mantis hero!
  • added new in-app purchase: "Treasure Trove" -- allows you to enable an option to start each game with unlimited money (you cannot post high scores when enabled); also instantly unlocks all levels, armor, equipment, and turrets!
  • fixed a crash that would occur immediately during start up on some devices
  • fixed a bug with Ant's Plasma Killer achievement
  • other minor changes
  We'd recommend┬áBug Heroes to anyone looking for a fun and engaging game offering a unique blend of playing styles. Bug Heroes (universal app) is currently available free on the App Store with in-app purchases for extended gameplay options.

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