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Choose From 60 Weapons In This Medieval And Fantasy-Based Tower-Defense Game

Choose From 60 Weapons In This Medieval And Fantasy-Based Tower-Defense Game

June 27, 2011
If you enjoy tower-defense games with great 3D graphics, check out War Grimoire, and War Grimoire HD, for the iDevices. The game offers the ability to hire units and drag them onto the battlefield to repel enemies. You can even choose from 60 different weapons at your disposal and they can be upgraded later as well. One of the striking aspects of this tower-defense game are its wonderful visuals. They are colorful and full of great personalities as seen in the animation of various characters and enemies. The level layouts are also well designed with enemies forming ranks that have to make it through varied terrain that you must learn to navigate your defenses around. The app description promises an epic boss battle against a creature who can recover other monsters' hit points and has powerful attacks. Here is a list of the game's other features:
  • Beautifully animated cartoon intro and step by step in-game guide
  • 60 kinds of upgradeable weapons to equip your soldiers
  • 30 visually stunning environments to explore with different monster combination
  • 6 relaxing unlockable mini-games: get new weapons by winning a mini game
  • High definition 3D graphics and spectacular rendering effects
  • Online worldwide leader boards with OpenFeint and Game Center
  • Original music soundtracks and high quality sound effects
If you enjoy tower defense with a twist of powerful enemies, epic boss fights, various units at your disposal and weapons to use, then War Grimoire HD for the iPad will be worth checking out. The game is currently available on the App Store for iPhone at a price of $1.99. The iPad version, War Grimoire HD, is also available at a price of $5.99.

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