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Comex' May See Some Heavy Traffic Tomorrow If Leak Is To Be Believed

Comex' May See Some Heavy Traffic Tomorrow If Leak Is To Be Believed

June 17, 2011
Well, it seems that one lucky jailbreaker's been following Comex' Twitter account, coming across a post -- since pulled -- featuring the image shown up there in the header. Of course, if it's legitimate, Comex has all but guaranteed he's cracked the code for an iPad 2 exploit. The nexus404 blog (a.k.a. TFTS) has the following, posted by an iFans user called Fruity:
I was on comex’s Twitter about an hour ago when he posted a single image link. I was surprised to see it was what appears to be a flyer for his new jailbreak? When I reloaded the Twitter page it was gone completely. I still had the image in another tab, though, so I saved it to my computer. Perhaps this wasn’t intended to get out yet or maybe there was a delay? I don’t know, I’m just looking at the image unsure if he’s really intending to release it tomorrow or not. This is certainly weird.
Weird indeed. And, it could be real. Or it could be fake. For those wondering about the featured QR code, it does link back to Comex' Twitter feed, but that doesn't rule out the possibility of a forgery or some other manner of hoax. Still, tomorrow could be a huge day for jailbreak users everywhere. We'll just have to wait and see... Update: And, we waited and saw. Nothing yet, but the jailbreak's almost certainly coming soon.

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