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June 12, 2011
It seems that Comex, one of the jailbreak community's biggest stars, is teasing a new .pdf-based "userland" hack that will circumvent Apple's latest patches and again allow for browser-based, untethered jail-breaking. We've reproduced the teaser image in the header, but you can view the real deal at Comex' website, There is no question that the photo is a clue (he admitted as much on his twitter feed, shown below), and the folks at iPhone Download Blog already published some detective work:
If you look at the above image, you’ll notice a few things, namely, the PDF and little diamond-shaped icon. The PDF is a clear and direct reference to the previous PDF exploit that Comex is already famous for, and the diamond references Alpine. “Alpine” is the default password for root access to the iPhone.
However, exactly which version of iOS the jailbreak will support is still a mystery. It could be for build 4.3.3 or the 5.0 beta, or even the as-yet-unhacked iPad 2. Certainly, the latter would probably be a bigger coup for the community (though, Comex probably would've used double diamonds to hint at that), but -- whatever the exploit -- you can bet the wilds will embrace it with mucho gusto. Update: According to the teased image's EXIF data, the shot was taken with an iPhone 4, which may (or may not) be another hint of what's to come.

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