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Conserving Water Can Be Challenging!

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Liquid Measure ($0.99) by SmartCode is another variation of the classic water plumbing puzzle game. Players have to divert different amounts of water through pipes into containers that can hold them.

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Like previous versions of the game, Liquid Measure is highly addicting. The controls are simple and straightforward; just drag glowing pipes and containers into the correct spots so the water falls into the containers. If the containers overflow, you have to restart that level.

The game has 80 different levels, each getting progressively harder. The first several levels are used as tutorial levels. Each one introduced a new pipe or containers and explains how it works. After a few of these levels the real tricky ones begin to appear. These challenge users to come up with creative ways to divert the water.

Liquid Measure does have a couple unique features to it. One of the containers, the overflow container, I haven’t seen in other versions of this game. Also, the two-finger swipe down to begin the water flow really adds to the game. Instead of having to locate a start button you can begin the water flow no matter where your fingers are on the screen. This may not seem like a big deal but it does add quite a bit to the gaming experience.

Overall, Liquid Measure is a highly entertaining and simple game. EAlthough it won’t win awards for originality, it is still a fun app. Be sure to check it out in the App Store.

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Conserving Water Can Be Challenging!

Conserving Water Can Be Challenging!