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Discovr Apps Makes Finding Similar Offerings Much Easier

Discovr Apps Makes Finding Similar Offerings Much Easier

June 16, 2011
The folks behind the popular music-discovery app, Discovr Music, have released their second app into the App Store. Discovr Apps makes finding new apps easier than ever since each recommendation is based on a user’s likes and dislikes. Best of all, it includes apps for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Created by JammBox, Discovr Apps begins with a simple screen that includes a search box and two tabs at the bottom: Recommended and Suggested. Under Recommended are popular and new apps. Each is selected without any input from the user. Suggested apps, however, are selected based on a user’s preferences. As more searches are completed, these suggestions become more refined and therefore, more valuable. However, the heart of Discovr Apps is its search functionality and this is what really makes it unique. Here is how Discovr Apps works: After typing into the search box the name of an app, the app itself will pop up onto the screen. From there, a number of similar apps will connect to it, thus creating a map. As you keep tapping on related items, the map grows and the connections expand. For example, The Daily is one of my favorite news apps. Yet, I’m interested in discovering similar apps too. Typing “The Daily” into the search box creates a map that includes six similar apps, including Flipboard. From there, one click on Flipboard lets me discover five additional apps and so forth. By double-clicking on an item you are presented with more information about the app, as well as screen shots. These are pulled directly from the app’s iTunes page. Finally, maps may be sent to others via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Discovr Apps is a great tool, but is not a replacement for review sites such as AppAdvice. After all, the app’s main purpose is to find similar apps, not to make judgments on whether the app is good or not. Still, it does make finding similar apps much easier. Plus, as the App Store continues to grow, so will your Discovr Apps maps. Priced at $.99, the universal Discovr Apps is available now in the App Store. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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