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Dodo Is Bummed He Can't Fly, So He Tries His Own Version Of Soaring

Dodo Is Bummed He Can't Fly, So He Tries His Own Version Of Soaring

June 26, 2011
Save Dodo by OOTB icon

Save Dodo ($0.99) by OOTB looks and feels like you're playing a piece of lovely art. Dodo never looked so spiffy. Dodo has a problem - he is stuck with the same fate as his cousins the chicken and the penguin: he can't fly.

Save Dodo by OOTB screenshot

I was a bit curious about the gameplay before firing up the app. Was it a quest game? Or maybe a Doodlejump know-off? I was a bit surprised when I watched the tutorial. Turns out, Save Dodo by OOTB is basically a game about timing.

Dodo and his family enter the screen together in a line – it’s your job to tap to stop them. Once the first line has stopped, things get a bit more tricky. Next another line (above the one you just stopped) enters and you need to time your tap just right so all four birds land perfectly on the ones below. If you are a bit off, there are less birds to line up. Keep going until you have just one left and he falls.

The graphics are where the game shines. The developer has unique taste and it’s a refreshing change from your average looking app. The colors change as you progress within the game.

Overall, this app is a good start to what I hope to see become a more well-rounded game. I’d love to see GameCenter achievements added and one or two more modes of play (even a live multiplayer mode). The great news is, the developer is very gracious and happy to hear feedback, and even crafted a custom Dodo for me! I have no doubt exciting updates will be coming down the pike in the future.

If you’re looking for a game to relax to right before bed, Save Dodo might do the trick for you. It’s unique and offers up a chill vibe casual gamers can appreciate.

Want to win a copy of Save Dodo? We have teamed with the developer to offer our readers some promo codes! Simply hit the retweet button or share a comment below explaining why you want to Save Dodo! Contest closes June 27 at 6:00 pm EST.

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