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FaceTime Over 3G Is Coming…Maybe

FaceTime Over 3G Is Coming…Maybe

June 9, 2011
It appears Apple’s FaceTime service will work over a 3G connection in iOS 5. But, it will be up to the carriers to provide it, according to news first reported by 9 To 5 Mac. First announced by Apple at last year’s WWDC, FaceTime allows two or more users to interact using a camera. First available on the iPhone 4, the service expanded to the fourth-generation iPod touch and Mac later in 2010. FaceTime over 3G can be achieved by using a third party jailbreak, but it officially only works through a Wi-Fi (or in the case of the Mac, an Ethernet) connection. A 9 To 5 Mac reader sent in the following screenshot, which seems to confirm Apple plans on bringing FaceTime via 3G. It states:
FaceTime Unavailable Turn on cellular data or use Wi-Fi to use FaceTime.
If Apple were indeed prepping iOS 5 for FaceTime over 3G, it would be up the carriers to provide such a service. Naturally, that could mean added monthly costs for users, depending on what those carriers require. What do you think? Would you use FaceTime over a 3G network? Let us know by using the comments below.

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