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Beware New $.99 App, Which Is Free Online

Beware New $.99 App, Which Is Free Online

June 5, 2011
Want to FaceTime with a stranger? Here’s a way to do it absolutely free. In place of Facelette, which shuttered earlier this year, a new FaceTime service is available. Facekandi allows users to chat with strangers from all over the world using an iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. However, instead of using the $.99 Facekandi app, you can use the service for free. That's correct, the app actually points you to a FREE website. Simply go to using Mobile Safari. From there, type in your FaceTime ID (or cell phone number) and you’re good to go. The service will automatically assign you someone to chat with via FaceTime. The service also works on Macs with FaceTime is installed. The Facekandi app doesn’t appear to offer anything special, besides being a way for its developers to make $1. The app offers Twitter and Facebook comments from the guys behind the app, but that is about it. Our concern is this: What happens if you no longer want to use the service? After all, when you sign up, you give Facekandi your information. Does this mean FaceTime calls from strangers arrive at night? How do you turn this off? We’re not sure. The Facekandi iTunes page contains three lines worth mentioning that somewhat addresses our concerns:
  • Facekandi does not store your personal data, nor does it record your Facetime ID's.
  • If you become inactive after 15 minutes your session will be terminated from our servers.
  • Please be careful with the information you disclose about yourself to others online.
  We gather this means the service (again, which is free) will only work for your FaceTime ID for 15 minutes. At least we hope so. If you want to donate $.99 to its developers, certainly download the Facekandi app. If not, just visit the site online and save yourself some money.

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