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Facial Recognition Made Easy With Faces

Facial Recognition Made Easy With Faces

June 21, 2011
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Faces ($0.99) by Jeroen de Leeuw is the app that will prevent that awkward run in with an acquaintance. You know, the one where you see a person, recognize them, and then can’t remember their name. These situations will (hopefully) be a thing of the past if you have Faces.

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Faces uses your iDevices’ contacts to create memory games that help you learn the names of people you’ve met. This idea is pure genius; make a simple app that helps users remember who they have met. Faces can be a valuable tool for businesspeople or regular folk.

There are three different games that help you connect faces with names. There is the classic memory game where users match their contact’s faces with each other. Every time a correct pair is chosen, the contact’s image is displayed with the name underneath. Another game displays a large image of the contact and then users must choose the correct name of that contact. The final game displays six contact images and gives hints about a person. Users must eliminate the wrong contacts until the correct one is left. These three games make connecting faces with names easy and fun.

Faces is beautifully designed. It does not require any set up and refreshingly simple with an eloquent color scheme. All of your contacts are included in the app and there are absolutely no settings. This allows users to pick it up and play in the couple of spare minutes they have in between meetings or whilst travelling to work.

No matter who you are Faces can help you learn the names of your contacts. I recommend Faces to anyone from a CEO to the Average Joe. It’s a simple and useful app that makes learning names easy.

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