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Firehouse Adventure Mixes Fun And Learning Well

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Firehouse Adventure ($1.99) by Peapod Labs LLC makes learning so fun, your child won't even know she is gaining knowledge. Peapod Labs has worked hard to make their apps edutaining and my kids have loved the results.

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Peapod Labs likes thinking outside the box when it comes to learning apps. Thank goodness. Oh, and did I mention that they are seriously good at what they do? When writing to me about their new Firehouse Adventure app they explained the following, "The challenge is to deliver useful information while avoiding a chocolate covered broccoli situation. Or we didn’t want to make an educational product that was camouflaged with artwork and marketed as a game. " I'm so glad they get it. Budding developers, take note.

What is Firehouse Adventure? It's an app that teaches children about the occupation of firefighters using 8 fun mini games and a great reward system. Your child will not even notice they are learning true-to-life information about the everyday duties and tools the engulf the life of firefighters. The games include activities such as using a helicopter to spray out fires, helping animals out of tree, putting out fires, keeping a speeding firetruck away from traffic, and more.

There's even a little hand-eye coordination involved. This is something your child may not get much practice at using other educational apps. Tilt-to-control the sliding ladders, tap quickly on this, etc. I was surprised at how quickly my 1 year old understood some of the games. He especially liked learning the timing of when to tap the fire truck to make it jump over traffic. He's at a bit of a clumsy stage, so anything to help him learn some more coordination with his fingers is a plus.

Three lives are doled out at the beginning of each game. Once those three lives are used up, the game ends and the points tally is added up. Collect enough points and your child gets a golden trophy. Each trophy is an object firefighters use and is accompanied by an entertaining educational voice over regarding what the object is for.

Firehouse Adventure is refreshingly unique and a blast for kids. They will not even realize how much they are learning about firefighters until you start asking them questions about the profession. If you little one is at the stage where they love to imagine what they will be when they grow up, this game will thrill, entertain, educate and inspire them.

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Firehouse Adventure Mixes Fun And Learning Well

Firehouse Adventure Mixes Fun And Learning Well