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Get The Creative Juices Flowing With A Novel Idea

Get The Creative Juices Flowing With A Novel Idea

June 20, 2011
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A Novel Idea (Free) by Shawn Svacha is an app to aid writers. Whether you have your next idea for a novel or just want to brainstorm a new story or play, A Novel Idea was developed to assist. Having an outline of information laid out before you is always a huge help when writing. In this app, you only need to add your own thoughts and ideas to create your story.

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First things first, every novel needs a title. As you come up with a truly inspired name—I picked the very creative title of “The Novel of All Novels,” you will also probably want to fill in the other information: setting, theme, tone, point of view, premise, and plot.

Detailed information about the scenes and characters may also be added, along with locations and any other ideas you feel the need to jot down. The really nice thing about this app is that once you enter all of this information, you then have the ability to link it together.

Linking the different novels to different characters or different characters to different settings really helps you visualize your project. There really is no limit to what items you can link. This is definitely my favorite feature.

A Novel Idea by Shawn Svacha screenshot

This app is free, which is great, but unfortunately, it comes with tiny ads on the bottom of your screen. They are not at all obtrusive, and hey! It’s free! A Novel Idea is truly helpful for writers who need the basics to get their thought process in motion. I encountered a couple of minor crashes while completing my novel outline, but hopefully that kink will be worked out quickly.

If you’re writing a novel, story, or play—or even a creative essay for school—this will definitely get the juices stirring and help organize your ideas. You have nothing to lose with the price of free, so if it seems helpful or simply intrigues you, test it out.

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