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Great Maine Food Offers Comprehensive Culinary Info On The iPad

Great Maine Food Offers Comprehensive Culinary Info On The iPad

June 30, 2011
A new recipe and cooking app has hit the iPad and it offers details about cuisine from Maine. The name of the app is Great Maine Food. Maine is a coastal state and many of these dishes reflect that. If you enjoy seafood dishes such as lobster ravioli or a scallop salad, this app is definitely worth looking into. Great Maine Food offers much more than just a list of recipes and details on how to cook particular dishes. The app also has features such as restaurant recommendations in popular areas of the state. The recipe list is huge with over 100 different dishes. There are illustrations of the dishes, cooking instructions as well as a shopping list function. Here is the complete feature list (taken from app description):
  • All Recipes are illustrated
  • An ingredient calculator that lets you know the quantity of ingredients to be used based on the number of people you are serving
  • Ability to add notes to the recipes
  • An inbuilt cooking timer
  • Easy addition of recipes to the menu, list of favorites and shopping list
  • Photographs and definitions of ingredients
  • Sharing recipes via Facebook and e-mail
  • Preparing invites for special events by including the menu
  • Instructional videos that provide cooking tips and step-wise recipe preparation
  • Google map with restaurants, inns with dining and wineries and breweries clearly marked
  • Shopping list generation by combining all the recipes that have been added to the list
  • “Editor’s Pick” recommendations
Great Maine Food is a good app to have if you are a tourist and plan on visiting the state and it's a fine way to cook the dishes Maine is know for when you get home. The app is also a great restaurant guide. "Be it upscale fine dining, family style dining, seaside dining or local pub food – the app profiles and highlights the details of Maine’s finest foodie destinations," the app description reads. Great Maine Food even offers cooking opportunities in the Maine area for those wanting to truly master this type of cuisine. If you enjoy traveling or trying out new dishes from seafood kitchens like those found in Maine, the app will be a great addition to your iPad. Great Maine Food is available on the App Store for the ipad at a price of $4.99.

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