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Hills of Glory: WWII Hits The App Store

Hills of Glory: WWII Hits The App Store

June 23, 2011
Tower defense games are a dime a dozen on the App Store. However, how many of them take place in World War II? Not many until now. Hills of Glory: WWII comes from developer Bulkypix and offers a solid take on the genre and a breath of fresh air for iPhone gamers. Unlike many tower defense games, in Hills of Glory: WWII, players will be able to directly issue attacks or commands by tapping icons. An air strike can be ordered, for example. The game also offers two gameplay modes, they are: the campaign and survival. The game runs in portrait mode only, which is also unique for tower-defense games. The barren wastelands of war-torn Europe are also quite detailed, despite the game's top-down and retro graphics. Hills of Glory: WWII also mixes in some sci-fi elements with the WWII theme and doesn't take itself too seriously. In one of the screenshots from the app description a UFO is present. The app description also mentions humor being thrown in for good measure. Here is some info about the types of attacks you can look forward to unleashing with your troops: "Choose your favorite soldiers to fight against relentless waves of enemies and tanks. Choose from an astonishing array of powerful and fearsome weapons: rifles, mortars, Molotov cocktails, grenades... All will do serious carnage in your expert hands. And what would you say about calling in a little air strike, or even using the absolute weapon: the A-bomb? In one fell swoop, these almighty weapons will blow the enemy to smithereens," according to the app description. Hills of Glory: WWII looks to be a good take on the tower-defense genre with humor thrown in. If you like strategic, tower-defense, RTS, or tactical games, then check it out. Hills of Glory: WWII currently costs $.99 on the App Store.

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