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Holy Moly Dragons Updated To 2.0

Holy Moly Dragons Updated To 2.0

June 5, 2011
If you enjoy tower defense games, check out Holy Moly Dragons. This indy title has very pleasing and colorful 3D graphics, and it turns the genre upside down. Instead of trying to find your way to dragon's lairs and slay them, as in most games, you actually get to take on the side of the dragons. You control their positioning by hatching their eggs and using them to take down enemies. The game has been recently updated to version 2.0 with added levels that extend the life of the game. The two levels added to the 2.0 update are called Murky Waters and Shattered Temple. According to the app description the game now offers 17 levels in total, three challenge modes, four unique dragons, and three powerful special abilities. The gameplay is similar to most tower defense titles but based on hatching dragons rather than constructing towers. The four types of dragon's at the player's disposal can be placed along a grid by hatching an egg along the enemy path. The dragons have strengths and weaknesses against particular enemies and have to be chosen with care. The player can also use special abilities that are selected manually to crush enemies. The aim is to withstand a specific number of waves per level and move on. The game offers a nice balance of gameplay with a good strategy needed to progress far into the campaign. The dragons are quite varied. Some are used for up close and personal attacks while others hurl projectile-style attacks from a longer range. The player has to position them carefully. The game is quite interesting because there are two resources at the player's disposal. Resources like the ability to hatch new dragons are limited by the amount of currency the player has available. However, another resource is obtained by destroying specific enemies, this resource is meat. It has a few uses like the ability to upgrade the dragons. The game has a nice user interface with everything conveniently laid out on the screen for the player. The current wave, resources, score, eggs and special abilities, are all visible and easy to distinguish. If you enjoy tower defense with visually pleasing 3D graphics similar to PC RTS games, like Warcraft III, check out Holy Moly Dragons. Holy Moly Dragons is available for the iPhone on the App Store and costs $.99.

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