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iEtiquette Helps You Brush Up On Your Manners

iEtiquette Helps You Brush Up On Your Manners

June 10, 2011
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iEtiquette ($1.99) by Cloud In Touch Labs explains the appropriate manners for a variety of situations. Handy for business situations and for social events, this may be the app that prevents an embarrassing slip-up at the table.

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The app is divided into five categories; at the table, hosting, wedding, shared spaces, and lifestyle. Each of these categories has sub-sections with more specific etiquette areas as well as additional sub-sections based on the person you are “playing the role of”. For example, the wedding category has two people; guests and spouses. Guests have sub-categories for clothing, behavior, and gifts while spouses have ones for expenses, wedding invitations, reception cards, wedding favors, clothing, behavior, and thank you cards.

Tapping on a sub-section will bring up text with information about how to correctly behave in that situation. There is usually a brief summary of the importance of the topic and then an explanation of the appropriate behavior. There are lists do’s and do not’s for each sub-section. The app clearly explains acceptable behavior; it’s easy for anyone to understand.

Several categories also have a “show” option. This displays a sample of that sub-section. There are show options for place settings on a table and sample wedding invitations/announcements based on the sender. These are very useful for visual learners.

I really like how iEtiquette organizes information. It is quick and easy to find what you are looking for. The majority of the information is useful as well; it might surprise you how much you don’t know about proper manners in casual events. The font color, however, was not planned out very well. For a very text intensive app, a white font on a black background is not good for the eyes. It would be useful to have a white background with black text option. It seems that the developers sacrificed practicality for thematic appeal here.

Quite a lot is covered in iEtiquette. I highly recommend it to anyone in the business career who’d like to brush up on his or her etiquette. Even if they do know their manners, it can’t help to refresh their memories. $1.99 is a small price to pay to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Overall, iEtiquette is a great tool for anyone who needs to brush up on his or her manners. Although it may not be the subtlest way to tell someone they’re rude, giving iEtiquette as a gift might teach that person a thing or two about manners. Whether it be for business or pleasure, sent to a friend or kept for yourself, be sure to check out iEtiquette in the App Store.

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